11 Cases When Vaginal Steaming is Okay

These are 11 cases when it is okay to Vaginal Steam:
1. IUD
It is okay to steam with an IUD; however it requires a mild set up with only 10 minutes of steaming. Reports from other women were made where an IUD came out after 30 minutes of steaming. So, recommended to only steam for 10 minutes with an IUD.
2. Hot flashes
Steaming can assist with symptoms of hot flashes, but a mild set up of only 10 minutes is recommended. 
3. Infections
Bacterial infections, yeast infections and even herpes can go away and never return after vaginal steaming, but the right set up is necessary in order not to cause an outbreak. Steaming for a long period of time could cause thes problems.
4. Oral birth control pill
An individual can steam while of the oral birth control pill for proper hygiene and period care.
5. Open sores
Vaginal Steaming with open sores disinfects, heals and cleans the sore.
6. Hystorectomy
Vaginal Steaming is recommeded after this time, as it softens scar tissue and can even make them go away. It can restore balance emotionally and physically after a hystorectomy.
7. Cysts
Vaginal steaming helps to restore hormonal balance and can assist with the cleansing process needed to shrink cysts.
8. Fibroids
Steaming can help restore hormonal balance and help with the cleansing process. It is recommended to get with a Peristeam Hydrotherapist at steamychicks.com to create a steam plan. 
9. HPV
It is okay to vaginal steam with HPV.
10. Bumps
Vaginal steaming usually makes bumps or boils go away after 1 or 2 steam sessions.
11. Nuva Ring
It is recommended to remove the Nuva Ring before the steam session so that it does not interfere with hormone release. 

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