4 Hard Contraindications Where You Shouldn't Yoni Steam

There are times when it is not beneficial for a woman to steam. Here are 4 Hard Contraindications that indicate a time when you should not vaginal steam. Steaming during this time could potentially cause pregnancy loss, earlier period or induce heavy bleeding. 

1. During fresh menses

It is not a good time to steam during signs of fresh spotting or fresh blood. The heat from the steam could cause increased heat and circulation and could cause more bleeding due to the heat overheating the blood in the uterus. 

2. During Pregnancy

Steaming should not be done during pregnancy. It can open the cervix and the baby could get sick. The cervix should not be opened until the birthing process is taking place. Then we can discuss methods to steaming properly to induce labor.

3. After ovulation when trying to conceive

Ovulation occurs 2 weeks after the period, which is when insemination with sperm. This 2 week waiting period after ovulation when someone is waiting to see if they are pregnant. The steam would clear out the sperm, open the cervix and result in early miscarriage. It can also bring on the period. 

4. Spontaneous Bleeding

Bleeding at random times or 2 periods per month in the past 3 months is a contraindication for vaginal steaming. This is abnormal uterine bleeding. Steaming can induce bleeding, so the best thing to do is to not steam and to first get the bleeding. You can be referred to a Peristeam Hydrotherapist at steamychicks.com to create a steam plan to get the bleeding under control or you can start to adapt a plant based diet and drink herbal teas red raspbery leaf, dandelion, mugwort and damiana to balance the hormones and control the bleeding. 

*If someone is doing IVF or IUI- they can steam anytime up until the process of the "transfer" when the doctor will artificially inseminate them. After this insemination, steaming should be discontinued untl pregnancy is confirmed or not. 

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