5 Basic Principles of Womb Cleanse Care #ProperPeriodCare

The womb is the birth place of humanity and has incredible importance. Every single person on the planet came thru a womb after spending 10 months there developing. The term "womb" is another word for the Uterus. Anatomically the womb is located above the vaginal canal opening and begins at the cervix.

The womb has a natural cleanse once a month to keep it healthy. Every organ has a natural cleanse process once a month to maintain its health. Just as the liver and kidneys cleanse daily, the uterus cleanses every month. 

The period is actually a uterine cleanse or womb cleanse, where once a month the uterus sheds its endometrial lining and unfertilized egg-hence we catch it with a pad. 

In order for the body to do the womb cleanse, the body needs to produce a lot of blood to flush the womb clean. So, that means that when a woman is on her period, she is producing a lot of extra blood, which takes a lot of energy and nutrients from the body. That is why a woman on her period needs more rest.




Tampons make it harder for blood to cleanse out and can create problems, like old residue buildup. Tampons can make a woman's uterus contract more or "cramp" in order to flush more blood out really fast in order to make it clean. Plugging up the vaginal canal with period products such as tampons, works against the uterine cleanse. Use organic pads, period panties or mentrual cups. Cups can also cause cramps and stagnation for some women, as it has done to me. Although a sea sponge is natural, it is still a plug.  Yoni eggs, sperm, or plugs should not be in the vaginal canal at this time. Just let everything flow out as it should.


A woman on her period is in need of good circulation in order for the blood to get to the uterus to flush everything out. The body needs to be warm in order to have good circulation. When we get cold (blood is made up of mostly water), blood moves a lot slower and is a problem during the womb cleanse. It is best to stay warm and keep the abdomen warm during the period. Avoid being cold. Be properly covered up and avoid cold weather when possible. Avoid cold foods like ice cream or cold drinks - it creates stagnation, menstrual blood color turns brown which is an indicator of stagnation or stuck blood. Eat warm foods and drink warm teas to keep the circulation going so the cleanse can happen without getting old residue stuck in there. 



Be sure to eat a lot of nourishing foods because the body is producing extra blood in order to do the womb cleanse every month - just like you would need to eat a lot during pregnancy due to producing more blood for the child. Fasting is not recommended during the period; it is a womb cleansing time all to itself and fasting during that time would affect the womb cleansing process. Have three meals a day with a couple of snacks. Stick to eating hot nourishing foods that are easy to digest like soups, teas, porridge and hot cereal. 



Be sure to avoid turning upside down during the monthly cycle. Avoid yoga poses that involve body inversion positions like the handstand. This is simply sending blood in the other direction and working against the womb cleanse. Also avoid rigorous exercise and sexual intercourse during the monthly cleanse in order to ensure a complete cleanse of toxins and chemicals from the body during the monthly cycle. 

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