13 Positive Effects to Expect After Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming is a traditional self-care practice whereby you sit or kneel over a warm pot of boiled water, gently exposing the entire pelvic region to the steam that arises.

The individual may choose to squat over the source of steam or sit on a designated sauna or seat, specifically designed for this purpose. To enhance the effect of vaginal steaming, certain herbs may be infused in the water to give the steam added therapeutic medicinal properties.

Did you know? There is also a dry variation of vaginal steaming that relies on the use of smoke from burning coals or wood instead of steam. 

Here are 13 positive effects of Vaginal Steaming:

1. Promotes Relaxation

Steaming can create a deep state of calm and relaxation. It is suggested to steam when you know you can rest right after due to how much it can relax you. 

2. Deep sleep state

Steaming can once again relax you so much, that if you have trouble sleeping at night, steaming right before bed is ideal for you as it can induce a deep sleep. So enjoy your favorite cup of relaxing tea herbal such as passion flower or lavender during your evening vaginal steam, and enjoy a restful dreamy night.

3. Increases Vaginal Nectar

Yea, you know that soft clear pleasant liquid nectar we ladies produce when our pH is on #Fleek and we're eating alkaline fruits and veggies..THAT Vaginal Nectar! Vaginal steaming helps to increase the production of the clear liquid by cleansing and creating a balanced environment.  

4. Heightened Libido & Sexual Sensation

Vaginal Steaming can help heighten libido due to it assisting with the balancing of hormones and producing additional lubrication. It can also create additional sexual sensation during sex, from the relaxation it induces and additional hydration it produces. 

5. Heightened Fertility

From the increase in libido, vaginal nectar, balancing of hormones, and cleansing actions combined-Vaginal steaming can increase chances of fertility. 

6. Circulation Improvement

Vaginal Steaming can improve the circulation to the reproductive organs as well as throughout the whole body. By other parts of the body receiving more blood, it is also receiving more oxygen, which can improve its overall function. 

7. Decreased PMS symptoms

Vaginal steaming has been noted to decrease PMS symptoms after a few consecutive sessions. Research studies have concluded from clinical studies that a group that completed a steam session with the herb mugwort have experienced significantly less menstrual cramps than the control group.

8. Water Retention Disburstment

Vaginal steaming can regulate the circulation of fluids in the body, such as water and the blood. If an individual experiences water retention or swelling in different parts of thier body, steaming can disburst these fluids throughout the body and promote better circulation.

9. Emotional Balance

Yoni Steaming can cause an emotional release. From this release, an individual can heal past sexual traumas or discomforts from child birth. 

10. Skin Beautification

Vaginal steaming is like a "facial" for your Yoni. It is using heat, steam vapors and many times herbal medicinal properties to cleanse and rejuvenate the vagina. It can also help the skin to become more clear and many women have reported their hair to be more thick and shiny. 

11. Tightened & Lifted Vaginal Canal

Many women have reported a tightened and lifted vaginal canal. Many women with a prolasped uterus or a tilted uterus, have reported after steaming that their cervix and uterus have lifted further up. 

12. Scar Softening

Many women have developed scar tissue from child birth, hystorectomies, or even tears and have reported that after steaming, scar tissue has softened or either gone away. 

13. Helps Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Hairs

The vapors from steaming helps to moisturize the hair line which helps the hair to grow more easily. 

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